Bump, Set, Spike – Wagner Volleyball is the Site!

Decorion Whitfield, Photojournalist

Volleyball is the best sport at Wagner High School.  We have so many people come out and support the teams, and it’s amazing. The two most popular sports from males and females are football and volleyball; I’ve never seen a crowd so big at any other event for the girls like Girl’s Volleyball. I love watching the sport, and honestly, I like watching it more than football sometimes.

One of the players I interviewed, Trinidie Davis, is a varsity player and a captain. Her position is right side and she is only a junior. She has been on varsity since her freshman year, she is just an amazing player. She began playing this sport because of her older family members, who inspired her to play. Trinidie has been playing volleyball since she was 12 she currently plays in club, a team called IMPACT. I asked her how she felt about this upcoming year, she responded by saying, “ I feel like we’ve all grown since last year and have a really good chance at going to playoffs.’’ She told me that the teams’ goal this year is to do better than any team before in the history of the Wagner volleyball program. To get closer to her goals she is working hard in practice every day, along with the entire team. They are overcoming obstacles that are preventing them from being better team-mates. When asked, “What are some challenges you think you need to work on?’ Trindie replied, “Ourselves.  We need to stay together and work through any miscommunication.”  She works very hard, along with all the Lady T-Birds, and it is amazing how happy they can make us. Trinidie wants to meet the new T-birds next year so she can teach them the Wagner way. The information and knowledge that she imparts is amazing.  I’ve watched her teach the freshmen this year and it’s honestly unbelievable how the kids’ faces glow when they look at her. She seen them respond positively, and she says, “Come out, work hard and HAVE FUN!”  Trindie has Thunderbird pride in her blood, just like we all do. Her blood is raging with the urge to play her favorite sport, Volleyball, and it is a joy to watch her lead as her entire team works hard to achieve greatness and victory!