What a Magical Night – Homecoming Dance


Wagner students are having a blast, dancing it out at Homecoming Dance!

Torey Whitfield, Photojournalist

The homecoming dance was an extraordinary night. It took place at Wagner on the 5th of October. The student body got together to have fun after the victory of the homecoming game.

So, I thought I’d get some insight on some of the most spirited people who went to homecoming.


It all started with the setup of the dance with student council member, Isaiah Johnson. “I loved setting up for the dance because it gives us a chance to impress everyone with our creativity.”

It looked aesthetically pleasing. It was off to a slow start, but there was no stopping the students when they got the ball rolling. The energy that everyone gave off was limitless. Fellow councilwoman E’Lisa Butler exclaimed,” I was hesitant to come because I didn’t think it would be very exciting, but it far exceeded my expectations and recommend it to anyone who would consider it next year.” Everyone got together in their best outfits. The gentleman wore nice suits and the ladies wore beautiful dresses that were very vibrant.


“Now the music and dancing was another story,” replied Sheila Mares. They chose the perfect person to DJ the dance. He had the perfect music and all the students loved him so much. Whenever he played a song, students would get on the dance floor and dance their hearts out. Everywhere you went, there were people dancing in groups and crowds. The food was also on point. For only a couple of dollars, you could get a full plate of food with a drink. Many yearbook  photographers were on the scene to capture the moment. There was a photo setup and backdrop people could take pictures in front of. Especially since everyone dressed to impress. People were taking pictures as couples, groups, and even individuals.


This annual celebration furthers the spirit of what it means to be a Wagner High Thunderbird. Homecoming gives us a chance to show others what we’re made of. If your homecoming pictures make it in the yearbook, you get to show future generations how excellent you were.

To summarize, the homecoming dance was a beautiful event and I recommend going to it next year.