Feel the Music in Your Bones!

Alysia Delgado, Photojournalist

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, “Why do people like dancing?” or even say, “Man, I wish I could dance that good!” Dancing comes with varieties different styles such as ballet, hip-hop, jazz, etc. At Karen Wagner High School there are Cheerleaders, Sabre Dancers, Pep Squad, and original dance classes. Main subjects are always talked about all the athletic dancers so I’m here to give off the inside of what dance class looks like.

Everyone has their own opinion about what type of genre they like and how they dance. Alexandra Martinez who is currently in Dance 4, specifically loves ballet and dislikes hip-hop because she doesn’t have her rhythm to go with the music. Luckily for Alexandra, she practices every day and even stretches to achieve her middle split. Ms. Martinez started dancing at the age of 4 when her grandmother put her in ballet classes. To this day, Alexandra dances and practices to get better at different genres. Dance class at Wagner High has helped get into new genres that she’s now explored such as jazz. “Dancing relieves the mind and soul,” said Alexandra Martinez and practices every day in dance class,with the help of her classmates and teacher.

The majority of people do not know how to dance or get confused with staying on beat. L’esha Zacharie has struggled with dancing, but it’s still one of her passions. In dance class, she’s learned how to dance different genres she didn’t think she’d learn. Performing with a group in front of the whole class always gave her and Alexandra some fright. L’esha is currently in dance 2 and started ice skating at the age of 4 that got her to enjoy dance. Her main goal she wants to achieve in dance class is to do her splits and get better at dancing. Some of L’esha’s challenges that she needs to work on is determination and timing. Dance class has helped her a lot with timing by using 8 counts and going along with the beat. Both ALexandra and L’esha enjoy dancing because it’s fun and you get to express how you feel. “Dance is the reason I feel relieved and happy,” L’esha said with an extraordinary smile.

Dance class helps students and people feel like they’re a part of something. Performing in front of the whole class is frightening, but it also helps you with your stage fright and shyness. Additionally, it helps you with social skills when participating in a  group performance or coming up with a choreography number. Dancing even helps you with cardio and strength in your legs and arms. So why not try dance class out? I’m sure you’ll have fun learning new things with new friends!