A Little About Coach Taylor

A Little About Coach Taylor

Megan Moyer

Coach Taylor is not just a coach he is also a teacher for English l. He is also the dj for the pep rallies for the football games. He has two dogs. He loves to go camping when he is not teaching or coaching. He’s the type of teacher that tries to make learning fun. He tries to get the students excited about learning. He also tries to be not just a teacher to his students but also a friend. Anytime one of his students is having personal problems he will talk to the student and see how he can help or if there is anything he can do to help.  Coach Taylor is one of the best teachers a student could ask for. 



Question: What made you want to become a coach for volleyball?

Answer: “I was actually offered the position of being the coach” 


Question: What is your favorite part of being a coach?

Answer: “My favorite part is watching athletes think that can’t do something  but then they overcome those expectations for themselves.” 


Question: What is the most rewarding part about being a coach?

Answer: “The most rewarding part is the relationships I build with athletes.” 


Question: If you could be a full time volleyball coach would you? If not why?

Answer: “I would not become a full time coach”

Explain: “because I don’t have enough passion for volleyball”


Question: Why did you choose to teach at Wagner? Why english?

Answer: “This is where I graduated and where I grew up. There aren’t enough success stories about Wagner and I would like to help make more.”


Question: How do you deal with frustrated students? 

Answer: “Normally I will talk with them, or sit down with them and see how I can help them deal with their frustration.”


Question: What is your least favorite subject? Why?

Answer: “History.” 

Explain: “It is boring to me. I just never found history to be exciting.” 


Question: How do you hope you will affect the students currently going to Wagner ?

Answer:”I hope that when they see me they see a mirror, someone that looks like them and that they can see a mirror of hope.”


Question: how do you handle parents when they are worried about their child’s grade? 

Answer: “If a parent is worried about their child’s grade i will happily work alongside them if they are willing to listen.”


Question: Name three words to describe yourself? 






Question: What are three words others would describe you?






Question: When did you know you wanted to be a teacher?
Answer: “I was an orientation at Baylor signing up for classes. I was looking for the clinical psychology seminar and went to the wrong building. I asked someone who worked there where the clinical psychology seminar was and it was on the other side of campus and I would not make it in time and was best to find a secondary option. I ended up sitting in the education seminar and felt that it was exactly where I needed to be.”


Question: What is your greatest strength?
Answer: “I feel like my greatest is the ability to influence students.”


Question: Where do you hope to see the students currently in your class in 5 years?
Answer: “I would love to see them in college, in the military, or in the workforce on the right path and on the right track of doing what they love to do.” 


Question: Who influenced you to become a teacher?
Answer: “My former principal Dr.fields is the main person who influenced me.”


Question: What is the scariest thing about teaching?
Answer: “To me the scariest thing about teaching is knowing that when you do everything you can and some students don’t get the message and still go down the wrong path.”


Question: What are the biggest challenges facing teachers today?
Answer:  “I personally would say classroom distractions or behavior. We are fighting against cell phones, drama, past education, and there are many other things on teenagers minds than the lessons being taught.”


Question: How long have you been a coach?
Answer:” This is officially my second year.  I have coached in some fashion unofficially for four years.”

Question: How do you and your team face challenges you come across?
Answer:” Sometimes we have to sit down and have conversations.  Communication is key. Something we always tell them is that you don’t have to be best friends but, you have to be the best teammates that you can. We also tell them you don’t have to talk to them again until you see them again at practice.” 


Question:  What are the qualities of an effective teacher and coach? 
Answer: “Personally I think empathy, understanding, being personable, loving.”  


Question: what is your off-season like?
Answer: “Straight into track. There is a time period between November and January I offer a workout afterschool not just for athletes but for anyone in the school that wants to just work out. I like doing this because working out is my way of escaping stress, depression, and anxiety and I want to share it with others because it could help them that way also.”


Question: How you do handle the tryouts and cut process?
Answer: “Track there is no tryouts, volleyball is a lot harder. There is a lot more components. There is an evaluation sheet and we will focus on good and bad details during the tryout. We put checks on what we think was good and what we think was not so good.”


Question: What is your favorite memory of being a coach?

Answer: “ Volleyball: Anytime the team as a whole can sit down and laugh and smile without drama and be a family. Even if it’s before a game and we are warming up, if it’s after a game and we just won, or if we are just in the hallways joking around.”


“Track:  That’s my pride and joy. It was after our first track meet it was the last event a 4×4. I was in tears, most of them didn’t know I was but I was.I saw the four girls running and trying their best and they ran their hearts out. We didn’t place and it was cold outside but the girls tried their hardest and they still had fun doing the event”.