Wagner Band Goes Out With A Bang

Garrett Eldred, Student

The T-Bird Band went to the UIL Marching Contest this past Saturday and scored 1’s in all categories. What does it mean to get straight 1’s in all categories? Getting 1’s means that they will go on to an Area Marching Competition. The T-Bird band flew high during the performance but the season was cut short. If it isn’t a State year for your band then you get the rating and then go to your next contest or competition. UIL is very Important because everything you’ve worked for goes into that performance for UIL. After UIL, you go to Area (if it is what’s called a “State Year”), then after Area then you go to State. Unfortunately, the T-Bird Marching season was cut short in a dramatic 3-2 tie breaker by the 5 judges. They tied for 10th place, and in favor of McCollum High School, the tie was broken via judge vote.