When in Doubt, Dance it Out!


Monica Ramirez, Executive Editor-in-Chief

In celebration of Wagner’s 14th annual Homecoming Game, Student Council hosted Wagner’s very first tailgate party. In the style of Wagner’s spirit week show-out, students came bearing huge mums on their tops and tastefully decorated jeans. “With this being the first Tailgate Party, it was tons of stress, but it was worth it as we saw nearly the entire student body smiling and dancing as the live music played.” Student Council Historian, Zendy Casas (12), stated when asked about the preparation of the event.

On top of the huge mums and painted jeans, students also glammed-up their faces with colors of the heart of Wagner: red and black. “I used lipstick to do the red dots and eyeliner to do the black. It only took me about two minutes to do mine, but I also did all of my friends faces too, so we could all look more peppy!” Senior Johni Brown exclaimed when asked about her face decorations. The red and blak colors compliment each other and created a unified look in the crowd. Wagner’s colors were represented on faces, jeans, shirts, and all over the stands.

Wagner alumni, DJMEN-YO, DJ’d throughout the course of the party and helped get everyone into good spirits as he played dancing songs. Assisting him in music, was Wagner’s very own drumline and administrator Henrick’s band. With administrator Henrick on the drums, his band consisted of one on the bass, and another on the keyboard. Together, all three of them produced energetic music throughout the party. Sabre dancers, cheerleaders, JROTC, and band members came out to join the fun in their uniforms before the game. Dancing, laughing, and enjoying snacks, everyone had a good time as they celebrated the pre-game. “If the students weren’t dancing, they were standing around talking to their friends” said Kyianna Forge (12)  after asked about how excited everyone was.

Overall, the first annual tailgate party was a huge success! Coach Bruce’s words “Come Early, Stay Late, Be Loud, GO TBIRDS” lived through the night as everyone rejoiced before our victory. Wagner won 61-0 and conquered Brackenridge!