Salute This!

Eliannah Zavala, Photojournalist

What traits do you expect from a JROTC cadet? Loyalty? Leadership? Sportsmanship? “JROTC opens windows for becoming more content, organized and self-disciplined,” said Nathaniel Ruhl 11th grade. Having 2 years of experience of JROTC, I can tell you it absolutely tell you that it changes your way of thinking about things. When those cadets put their uniforms on Wednesdays, they’re looked at different. The students walk with more pride, they walk the halls with confidence, and they treat our teachers the more respect than usual.


I had a short talk with the XO (executive officer) Kristiani Mcclellan, she told me about how much she loved the drill team at Wagner, she is one of the only two girls on the varsity drill team. I asked Kristiania if she has seen any changes in the program since she has been in the class, she said she’s seen many changes. the JROTC program sets an eye-opening example for everyone, they volunteer and work hard in order to get promoted and excel to the next level of authority.


I also had a talk with a cadet (a private) about how her experience is going in the program. “I would definitely recommend JROTC for others, it helps you become a better leader, helps you stay out of trouble, and of course it keeps you busy.” Simya Jackson, 11th grade. Simya wants to definitely try to rank up in her company and join the military after high school, good luck Simya!!!