Can You Hear Them Coming?

The Willingness to Win is the Willingness to Work


Nia Houston, Photojournalist

The Wagner band varsity plan on going to state again this year and doing better than their previous years. This year’s band consists of a grand amount of 127 members. there are 32 people a part of the woodwind 25 percussionist: there are drum majors 50 people that play brass and 17 colorguards. Frank Foster is the band director of care Wagner high school He runs a tight ship and wishes the best for his students. Steven Rosario is the assistant band director that has a close relationship with all the students he tries to help as much as he can, for example giving 101 lessons with his students and teaching him to be the best form of themselves. Leslie Martinez is a colorguard director she helps choreograph their dances and teaches them how to be a strong performer and also to become a better individual.


I was able to interview three individuals for this article I wanted to get a male and female point of view so I interviewed two males and one female. My interview first was Zion Thomas a young black man “who carries the drumline on share” this year is his senior year which he takes very seriously been a part of the band life for more than six years he said his reasoning for joining Band was because of the movie drumline starring Nick Cannon. As I was interviewing him he said one statement that stood out, he said “that this year was going to be great and make history” and to me that was amazing because Wagner’s band has always been known for being fantastic.


How does it feel to be a Female section leader for Alto Saxes as tenth grader? Juliana Garza is going to tell us all about it.  She became interested in band because her older sister was in band and she felt as if it would be fun also. She said her main goal is to make it to state and win. The statement she wanted to be known for was, “put in the work and you will get the results you wait; have fun while doing it.”


Would you like to be an extraordinary band member? Here are some ways you can be one according to some of the varsity band members. Some people don’t understand how hard band really is they practice outside in the sun carrying heavy metal and more. So, one thing they want newcomers to know to always stay hydrated drink as much water as you can. “Water, Water, Water, “said Kyle. To be better than your peers you have to have “nonstop practicing it might seem like it’s not worth it but it’ll pay off in the end” said Shaine King. A saying that is always said in the band room is “it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon”.