This is Where the Magic Happens


Student Photojournalist Elizabeth Valdez

Elizabeth Vasquez, Photojournalist

The yearbook is the heart of our school. Yearbook staff is always on top of everything and they’re at every event to capture Wagners’ spirit and pride. You might think it’s an easy class, but it’s far from easy. Yearbook class is stressful and hard. The editors and staff have to worry about coverage which include more than photographs and captions. Coverage includes interviewing, reporting and writing.

Good coverage includes attending the events, meetings or games. Great coverage is what allows a book to truly serve as a memory book. It’s all chaos when putting the yearbook together. It has to be close to perfect because the yearbook can never be changed. The yearbook isn’t just something with pictures and words; it holds memories of your year during school. They’ll be great to look back at in the future with your mom, dad, future kids, future grandkids. The moment you hear that “click” your picture has been taken and is now a memory to our yearbook. The yearbook is a memory book that holds your stories. It will remind you of the styles that were happening, nostalgic memories and celebrates the achievement of finishing school.

Yearbook staff has put their heart into the yearbook, we think is important for us to satisfy the school. We want everyone in the school to part of making it. You might not know this but the students of Wagner High School are what makes up the yearbook because without the students and staff there would be no memories to be captured. An inclusive yearbook does more than just properly represent the school, it makes students feel good about themselves. The students feel they are a part of the community and are connected to their class. It also boosts school spirit. Furthermore, years from now when each student flips through the yearbook to reminisce, they’ll be reminded of all the good times they had and the experiences that helped mold them into adults. And that’s the beauty of the yearbook.