Pov of the week 11/6/19


   I had the opportunity to interview Jenna Gonzalez, a junior here at Wagner.  So far, her experience here at Wagner High School has been pretty good, she tells us.  She’s enrolled in a fashion class and is very happy being able to get a perspective of her future career. “It’s honestly just the best part of my day!” Jenna said.  She’s also so thankful for everyone always willing to lend a helpful hand at anytime. Jenna never even thought about taking fashion until she was placed in the class. “It’s almost weird how much I grew to love fashion over the last three years. But I think what really drew me in was the art and inspiration of the pieces we put together.” The fashion community; overall, is very supportive of one another.  Having this moment to speak with Jenna today really was a great opportunity to gain some insight into the school’s fashion department.