Wagner’s Haunted House


Scary Hallway

Cynthia Nguyen, Student

On October 28th – 29th , Wagner Theatre opened a creepy circus themed haunted house, frightening many Wagner students. It took around 4 days to set up for this event and a lot of creativity. The haunted house consisted of a doll house, a clown hallway, a room with cages filled with psychopaths, and an acrobats room. Entering this haunted house, the brave members were guided through the scary journey. Once the guest have entered, they’ll see is a dark room with a spotlight shining on two little girls playing with their dolls on a broken dollhouse and slaughtered teddy bears spread all around the room. If the guest make it through, they will go onto see the clown hallways with the crazies screaming while the guide yells at them to leave the guest alone. In which is when the creepy clowns jump out of cabinets and follow the guest to the caged room. Walking through the room as the caged psychopaths scream and beg for the guest to let them out, a chained up cannibal gets released. Once the guest exited the attraction into the acrobats room, the Acrobats jump around and ask the guest to play with them but the guide finally leads them to the light, until the other guide runs in warning them that the clowns got out and chase you out the door. The haunted house was used to fundraise money for the theatre department for upcoming plays.