Double Take – Winning Freedom Bowl!


Alysia Delgado, Photojournalist

November 1st, Wagner v. Veterans football game was a night where Wagner showed we are the ‘Champions of Change.’ To start off an extraordinary night at 46 degrees was the Potluck outside in front of the Rutledge Stadium. Strident music, groups of students dancing, free food, school logo stickers, and spectacular vibes filled the atmosphere until 3, 2, 1… game on!

  With over 1,000 people attending Freedom Bowl, this was Wagner’s most exciting game of the season. The crowd ran wild as Wagner and Veteran football players were welcomed to the field. Starting off the 1st quarter with quarterback Isaiah Williams (#25) throwing a 25-yard pass completed by Joshua Cobbs (#88) for a touchdown, causing the score to be 6-0. To see the enormous Wagner flags, go across the track for a touchdown was a delightful feeling to start of the game. Soon after Joerell Brown (#14) ran an 11-yard touchdown that caused the score to be 12-0.

Everyone on the football team including Quintynn Tolbert and Jonas Bensons goal for the season was to make it to state after Freedom Bowl. Wagner’s football team was proving they were there to win and go to state!

  Half time came around where our lovely seniors were presented out on the field with their families. One after another were our football players, Cologuard, band, cheerleaders, and sabre dancers. The awe was in the air, and the game still wasn’t over; soon came 3rd quarter!

As the football players returned back to the field and the band drumline played significantly powerful, the 3rd quarter started. The score for Wagner was at 30 and Veterans slowly put their foot threw the door making the score 30-30. Over 15 penalties were called on our football players and the crowd roared with “boo!” against the bad calls. Regarding the many penalties against Wagner, the crowd became louder and motivated the players who consequently scored a touchdown!

Wagner T-Birds salute the crowd when the Alma Mater is being played after the Wagner Varsity wins the Freedom Bowl!
Cheerleaders stand in formation at the beginning of the game, when the T-Birds are about to storm the field!

  By the end of the 4th quarter, it was a massive dog fight where our defense was blocking their offense which kept Veterans at 30. Wagner moved the chains and won at the score of 46-30. “Play your heart out even when it comes to hard times because when it comes to tough times, you can preserve and come to the top,” said Quintynn Tolbert. Going to State was the team’s goal for the season and their dreams will come true. Now that the football players have won Freedom Bowl, next stop is going and winning the State Championship in 2 weeks!