Get To Know Coach Starin

Get To Know Coach Starin

AliJah N. Cox

How many years have you been coaching football? 

“I have been coaching football for about 20 years.”


Why do you enjoy coaching football? 

“Football is the best game I’ve ever played an dI love it because of the strategy and thrive and it’s also the team sport. I also like the relationship with the players and coaches.”


Who inspired you to be a football coach? 

“I can’t give anybody that credit because nobody pushed me to do it besides my coaches and other players and also some of the really cool mentors.”


What are your expectations for your football players? 

“I expect them to work hard because they don’t have to be playing and because if your going to do something then do your best and work at it with your all.”


What were your main goals for this season? 

“I wanted to be better at practice playing and calling better plays.”


What are some benefits of coaching football at Wagner High School?

 “There are no benefits they are more pluses but the cool things about it are the players and the coaches and the work environment around me.”


Did you play any sports when you were in high school? If so what? 

“I pretty much just played football but I played all the sports but my overall sport is football.”


What High School did you go to?

 “I went to Judson High School”


Did you go to college? If yes, then where?

 “I went to college, and I went to a small college called Sul Ross State University out in Alpine TX.”


What is your fondest memory of coaching football?

 “There is no fondest memory but what comes to mind is what happens recently and I have to say that the 2018 season was pretty cool and we made it to the state semifinal games, but it was neat because before that I had a son and just overall the players and teamwork from everyone”



From a scale of 1-10 how much do you enjoy coaching?

 “I would say 9.9 because there is some tough stuff to deal with but overall coaching football is awesome, I would say.”


In your opinion what makes a good player?

 “Obviously speed, hops, catch, awareness pretty much all the physical things and strategy and being able to figure things out and also to be smart overall, and being unselfish.”


What are your strengths and weaknesses? 

“My preparation and my ability to teach are my strengths, and weaknesses would be hollering which would turn some of the kids off.”


What is the hardest decision you ever had to make? 

“Changing jobs like from different schools. I say that because it’s hard for me and the players to move from a comfortable spot to a new place where I don’t know anybody and don’t know what’s really going on. Like 5 or 6 years ago I was working at Irving High School over at Dallas and then I got a job offer from here at Wagner but I didn’t really want to go back to San Antonio but it’s what’s best for me and my family and you know the family comes first always now matter what. So I would say the hardest decision was to move from different place to different place.”