Master Sergeant Interview

Master Sergeant  Interview

Megan Moyer

Master Sergeant is the JROTC instructor here at Wagner High school. He loves working as the Instructor because everything is always changing nothing is ever the same. The students always say he’s an amazing instructor. He is the type of teacher that only wants the best for his students.

Tell us about your life prior to becoming a JROTC instructor.  For example, where you went to school, when you enlisted, how long you were in and what brought you to Wagner High School.   

“I was in the military. I had just retired out of Fort Hood. I was a substitute teacher at Lee High School and I was a sub for the JROTC instructor. I was enlisted from March – June” 


What was your Military Occupational Specialty and are you able to tell us a little something about it?

“I was a targeting officer/field artillery instructor. All that means is I did individual and stationary targets, like buildings .”


What do you love most about being a JROTC instructor?

“It’s something different day. Over 250 personalities walk in and out of here everyday. I could have a flat tire that morning and then I will walk in here and my cadets  make my day better instantly .”


What is the JROTC program’s mission in terms of its cadets?

“The mission is to make the cadets better citizens .”


 Do you hope all of your cadets go into the military?

“No, I just hope for the ones you know can make it to go into the military, but I definitely want them to go to College .”


What are your expectations for your cadets?

 “Self structure, self-discipline and school pride .”


How do you keep your cadets inspired/ motivated?

“I don’t keep them inspired they keep me inspired. I just want everyone to be part of a team .”


Which are your favorite yearly events attended by or hosted by your organization?

“Military Ball everyone is involved in that. Then it would have to be Battle of The Flowers .”


Do you have any student success stories your are particularly proud of and would like to share?

“The first year a cadet named Gasston, he went to Chicago and helped educate the unprivileged students .”


I see you have the 11 military leadership principles painted outside your door…which one is your favorite and why?

“Set the example because they all lead back to it .”