Saber Dancers

The Wagner Saber Dancers, are a dance team at Karen Wagner High school who perform at pep rallys, football games, basketball games, and have their own competitions at Judson High school, Seguin, and Dallas. They compete against many other dance teams in the same division for 1st place. The Saber Dancers perform 4 styles of dance, hip-hop, pom, jazz, and kick dances. They start off every new year by going to camp during the summer, where they learn all their choreography for their football performances with band. At camp they learn 5 dances, 2 pom dances, 1 jazz/ kick dance, kick dance, and hip-hop dance for the pep rally. They practice formations, counts, memory skills, and learn to bring spirit and energy to the performance as a whole. Saber dancers go to every single football game too cheer their team on and perform during halftime. Now that football playoffs and basketball season is about to start, competition season for Sabers is about to begin. Saber dancers start to learn their new choreography for competition season and at the same time they still practice their basketball and football routines. Saber dancers have to have amazing memorization skills. Having to learn, practice, and remember 5 dance routines all at the same time is difficult, especially when they have to focus on their school work as well. Sabers are just starting their difficult and fun journey for the year.