Wagner Thunderbirds First Playoff Game


Megan Moyer

Last night on  November 14 it was Wagner High School vs Harlandale High School. Wagner took another win with score of 62-0. The staff and students went out to Rutledge Stadium to support their team in 43 degree weather.

Although it was cold  the staff and students were excited because it was the first game of the of the playoffs. The players played like nothing else, they scored touchdown after touchdown throughout the whole game. Everyone was excited to have our team playing so good. As the game progressed everyone got more excited because our team was still winning. Everyone knew that if we won that game that we would move up on the bracket.

As the game went on the students and staff had a good feeling that we most likely going to win because the score was so high and they had confidence in our football team.  Thanks to the football team working as hard as they worked and pushed themselves past their limits we won the first game to the playoffs.