Get to know Coach Garza

Get to know Coach Garza

Megan Moyer

Coach Garza is the girls basketball coach. He is not the only basketball coach he is also the co-teacher in Algebra 1. He is a caring and fun teacher. Any time one of his students are upset about something he tries to figure out what is wrong and he tries to help. He always tries to make learning math fun.

Did you play basketball while in high school? If yes how long?
“Yes, I played freshman year. Also I played some basketball in college.”

What do you think it takes to be a good player?
“You need to have dedication, you can’t just get better at practice, you have to be willing to do a lot on your own time.”

How do you think your athletes should act towards each other?
“Like a family, they should treat each other like if something happens to someone it happened to all of them, they should check on them if they are down or if their grades are low.”

What is your favorite part about being a coach?
“Being able to see the players develop from day 1 to the end of the season. It’s always cool to see the confidence they build.”

What is your main goal for your athletes this season?
“To work hard everyday and to give it a true 100%”

When did you become a coach?
“I’ve been coaching since about 2010”

What is the most rewarding part of coaching?
“It kind of goes back to the confidence thing. Basketball gives life lessons such as your not always going to get want you want. It teaches you to win and lose and it teaches perseverance.”

Is it hard to balance being a co-teacher and being a coach?
“It can be overwhelming sometimes but as long as you stay organized and make sure you get something done when it needs to be. If you let things build up it becomes a lot to get caught up with. Don’t fall behind and you always should keep a schedule”

How do you deal with players that don’t get along?
“You try to meditate. Try to get both sides of the story, talk to one on their own and then talk to the other on their own. Try to have everyone happy because if someone is down everyone else on the team will be to.”

Who is your favorite professional basketball player?
“Manu Ginóbili”

Who inspired you to become a coach?
“My children , I was coaching the CYL basketball teams.”

How do you handle the tryout and cut process?
“I have a form that i use. It has everyones names listed and the skills im looking for. It’s a grid and I rate the skill from 1 to 5 then i add it up and look at the top people.”

What qualities do you think make up a good basketball coach?
“You have to care about your players, that means being tough. But you can’t just be caring and not tough and you can’t be tough and not caring.”

Where do you hope your athletes will be in 5 years?
“I hope they will begin playing division one basketball or college.”