How Positive are You?

Body Image, Self Esteem, and the American Teen


What is Self Esteem? Self esteem is confidence that one has in their abilities: simple self respect. Most teenagers struggle from having a positive self esteem and body image. But why is it important to reflect on yourself positively? Having a positive self esteem is the first step to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, trying new things, and to allow you to love & trust in yourself to be happy with yourself. This is one struggle that every teenager faces at one point in their lives, or may struggle with all the way through their adolescence.

What can a good self esteem do for you? High self esteem can lead to a more mature attitude and positive mindset. If one always puts themselves down and believes they will never make it to reach their goals then they will have a negative attitude towards others and life in general. Having these negative thoughts can cause a person to become severely depressed and will never begin to love themselves. Not only is self esteem an issue in teenagers but as well as body image.

Body image is how you view yourself with an outward perspective. Many teenagers see themselves negatively on the outside and this could lead to many consequences that are physically unhealthy. Poor body image will make you feel lower than you really are and can also lead to a deep depression. Many things in high school, such as bullies and toxic friends who bring them down, can stress a student out and cause them to have a poor mindset, . Some things of being depressed can start thinking negative things such as harming themselves that leads to suicide . The cause can be from many things such as neglect at home, trauma, friends with bad influences or just hormones.The most common reason for having a poor body image and low self esteem today is from the media. Everyday we are consuming the images put out on social media front perfect people living perfect lives. For example, instagram model Kylie Jenner, is famously known for her looks and her popularity. This gives people an unrealistic expectation on what they should look like and what is perfect. The audience that is mostly affected by this is young girls who grow up constantly looking at themselves as imperfect because of all the influences on social media. But, there is a way to see yourself in a better way and feel acceptance.

The first step to having a better self esteem is thinking positively. It may be hard but try to push away negative thoughts , instead of saying you can’t say you can! You can also learn to do new things , find a hobby or do what makes you happy more often , you may have to experiment first. Surround yourself with people who treat you well ! Leave your friends that don’t support you and always bring you down, it may feel impossible, but your true friends are out there waiting for you. Accept what’s not perfect, know that nobody is perfect and it’s totally okay to mess up every once and awhile, think of it as a lesson and less of something that makes you “bad” . Lastly, focus on the positive in life and enjoy yourself, there’s no time to worry about the past. Focus on the future!