Football Player Interview


Megan Moyer

How far is the football team into the playoffs?

The football team is in the 4th round of the playoffs”


How do you handle your time during practice?

“During school hours I work on school. During practice I focus on football and after school I normally work on anything I didn’t get to do during school”


What are three reasons you like being part of the football team?

1:“Being on the team is like having another family”  

2:“Something I can release my anger out on”

3:“I want to have a future  in football and being on the team helps me feel like I can have one


What are your plans after highschool?

“After I get out of highschool I’m planning on going to college”


What college are you interested in going to?

“Anywhere in Texas. If out of state Illinois or Louisiana “


Do you plan on playing football during college? (If not why?)

“Yes, football is something that I always enjoy doing”


As a player what keeps you motivated?

“My family, they keep me motivated to go to college and to keep going and keep working hard during my games” 


As a player, what do you think is the most important thing to remember is?

“You should almost always remember the plays”


When you and another player have a conflict, how do you solve it?

“When that happens we go one on one with the main person I have a problem with”


During your off season what do you do? (other sports, clubs, etc.)

“I do off season and also track and field”


What is the most rewarding part of playing football as a player?

“After a game when we gave it our all and in the end we got a win”


How long have you been playing football?

“I have been playing football since 2nd grade”


Do you have any favorite memories of playing football?

“Probably when I was on defence and we got a pic and blindsided him and knocked him into another player”


Who is your favorite professional football player? (If you don’t have a favorite football player, who is your favorite professional player)

“My favorite professional player is probably Jj Watt.”


How do you stay encouraged during a game when your team is not scoring so well?

“Normally when something like that happens to the fans that keep me encouraged”


What is another sport (other than football and track & field ) you play or want to play?

“Another sport I want to play rugby  because it’s the closest thing to football”


Who inspired you to play football? (Brother, Dad, Someone famous, etc.)

“My dad is the one who inspired me the most”


Of all sports why did you choose to play football?

“Again it’s just a stress reliever from school”


When your coach does something you don’t like, do you tell your coach or do you just leave it alone?

“During practice or a game I let it be but after words I talk to him and let him know.”


Do you think that you’ll be able to make it as a professional football player?

“If I keep trying and believing and don’t give up then yes I believe I can”


Who do you feel the most supportive person in your life is? (Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, friends)

“My sister and my aunt are two of the most supportive people in my life”


Do you think everyone on the team should be friends with each other? (If yes, why)

“I would say yes, only because it would build a good relationship with other players on the football team”