Golf Prospers Under Coach Howard’s Guidance

Piper Archer, Deputy Editor

Mr. Howard is a man that can only be described as a benevolent force of nature. Although Mr. Howard originally assisted the coaches for Baseball, when he was offered the position of Golf Coach for Wagner, he answered the Call of Duty.  Mr. Howard appreciates his beloved group of student athletes who play hard to represent Wagner. From his guidance, this close-knit band of student athletes, both new to the sport and familiar, have prospered and found a new thing to love about this famed pastime.

Rebekah White, a Junior athlete, has expressed her genuine love for this sport, as she has found it to be so enjoyable that she upholds concrete plans to continue with this physical activity well into her college career. This intention is immensely clever due to the fact that scholarships are made readily available to those individuals who choose golf as their extracurricular activity in High School. Being familiar with the sport, this is Rebekah’s second year playing with Wagner alongside her dedicated teammates.

Austin Phillips, is currently on his first year of playing for Wagner, while simultaneously going on his fourth year of playing outside of school. When asked about the most intense hindrance he faces mentally while playing, he answered that it was his ability to stay dedicated due to golf being a challenging sport. However, despite the hardships, Austin claims that he has discovered a family within the Wagner golf program that has taught him the valuable lesson of staying grounded, and focusing on what’s placed in front of him.

Every member of the golf team has upheld that this sport is worth trying to master, and with a whole year available to these athletes, they are confident that their swing is becoming exceptional. Wagner’s golf team has proved their perseverance in each droplet of perspiration, and within each furrowed brow lined with tenacity. This fact was made possible with the help of Mr. Howard, who through his commitment to excellence, has helped build an even better program for all student athletes who are willing to try something new, and who are being rewarded for their efforts by reflecting his highest standards of excellence!