Anime Club and all it’s perkiness

Juliana Rivas, Staff Writer

All anime fans and geeks, gather round! Because anime club is always collecting new members no matter what season it is!


Anime is no cartoon, so you’ll only find something even better than the stuff you’d normally see on PBS kids and Disney channel! When participating in the club, you get to talk about all your favorite shows! Like Fairy Tail, My Hero Academia, Naruto, and all the other shows you’ve accidentally binged out on!


If your already excited to join or just trying to start your own reality drama, signing up and becoming a member isn’t as difficult as trying to get past the first semester with all A’s!


If you haven’t already seen the fliers all over the school, you’ll start off your adventure by going to room 102 in R wing! State your name to the head honcho and they’ll let you join after you win the battle that’s mostly just flashbacks of when you dropped your ice cream cone and realized that life is unfair. You’ll sign your name and introduce yourself to your new  background characters, and start your first episode of Anime kurabu no Watashinojinsei!