Wagner Theatre in the 2018/2019 School Year

Seth Custodio, Staff Writer

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Theatre is a place of creative and talented individuals. Whether it is the technicians and stage designers hard at work to showcase their world to others. Or the actors taking different personas to help bring said world to life. Wagner theatre department is no exception to this and this year they have some big things for the school to see and goals huge enough to help put Wagner High School on the map.


Over the summer, Mr.Nanninga, a well known teacher within the theatre department for years changed schools. With his departure, two new teachers, Mr.Maxwell and Ms.Jordan, have entered the department along with Ms.Carter. Their brand new faces bringing new ideas and concepts to the table. Mr. Maxwell is an incredibly ambitious and wants to take things even further by taking Wagner High School theatre to state this year in UIL Competition.


High ambition on the journey to achieve said goals does not come without its issues. As of right now, Wagner Theatre Department is operating on a extremely low budget. Even though that’s the case they are still pushing through to get not only there first production for the year out but also their annual Haunted House out within the same month. So many actors, artist and technicians are hard at work to get so many things done. The main theatre production period, 7th is one of the most busy periods i’ve seen or had as of the current moment. Understudies for the current production don’t even have it easy as not only are they being prepped for the current show but even another show and some shorter plays later on in the year before UIL.


Overall, these coming months are can be seen as a test for them. A test to see how far they’re willing to push to achieve their goals. It’s a group effort and they’re all in this together if they want to succeed. However getting to state is no easy task and requires a ton of work and they’re all in this together if they want to succeed.