Jada Valdez, Writer

Why do the SAT and ACT tests matter?

In the competitive educational environment, your standardized test scores are a reflection of your academic abilities. The strongest candidates in the eyes of college admissions office are those with high SAT and ACT scores and high GPAs, SAT and ACT scores carrying more weight respectively.


The 4 Methods of Study

  1. Self-Study
  2. Private Tutor
  3. In-Person SAT Prep Class
  4. Online SAT Prep Course


Study Strategies

DETERMINE YOUR TARGET SCORE. To find your target score you can look up the 75th percentile SAT scores for the school’s you apply to. This should be your target score. FIGURE OUT HOW LONG YOU NEED TO STUDY. You can get an idea of this by calculating the difference between yourtarget score and current score. If you haven’t taken the SAT test yet, do the same with your PSAT score. If you have, you can visit the college or career counselors office to find out your scores. ANALYZE YOUR MISTAKES AND FOCUS ON YOUR WEAKNESSES. Don’t continuously review topics that you feel confident in. Focus on improving weaknesses. USE REALISTIC PRACTICE QUESTIONS AND TESTS. Don’t invest in unreliable practicing methods.  


SAT School Days

Seniors – October 10th

Juniors – March 6th


How can I prepare for the SAT and ACT?

Check out the following resources:


Duration: Forever

Price: Free


  • CafeCollege (


Duration: Forever

Price: Free



Duration: Forever

Price: Free



Duration: 2-5 months

Price: $800, $350/month, or $550/month



Duration: 540 days of access

Price: $559


  • Peterson’s-SAT Prep Online Course (


Duration: 12 months of access

Price: $99.95


  • Magoosh Test Prep


Duration: One, Three, or Six months

Price: $79, $89, $99


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