Wagner Robotics Team in the 2018-19 school year

Yanel Abundiz, Staff Writer

Do you know about our robotics team? Code artificial intelligence autonomous programs in 28 different programming languages, build pneumatic arm systems, and construct electronic circuits to handle massive amounts of data efficiently! Sergio Gutierrez Tinoco, the coach of the robotics team here at Wagner, welcomes everyone to come and join. You might think you need to be an expert at coding or mathematics, but there is much more to it.

Programmers, designers, mechanical builders, electrical techs, pneumatics advisors, scribes, public outreach organizers, quality control managers, tool managers, parts managers, safety inspectors, and mentors are just some of many roles you can assume on the Wagner robotics team! Last year, they went to the world championship in Houston, TX, winning the award of  ALL STARS Rookie team in our region, and they are ready to destroy the competition again, so come and check out our robotics team, and see what it is all about. You never know, robotics could be your future!


Picture: Seth Custodio. One of the Projects for Competition for the Wagner Robotics Club.