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Journalism recently received the chance to sit down and interview Coach Bruce the head coach for football. Coach Bruce was extremely enthusiastic about where the future of the football team will be going at Wagner High School. We asked him a few questions; “What does going from a 6A to 5A district mean for you and the team?” he replied with, “We are still the same team nothing has changed,we just play different teams and have different experiences”. Coach Bruce feels that the teams can still achieve the same goals they set, even though they play teams that they haven’t  played before. “How do you define success for freshman, JV and varsity teams?” He responded, “The way I define success for the players is by them doing the right things at home,school,and in the community”. “What does football play in the overall image of the school ?” Coach Bruce states, ”We have the power to change the community as long as we are doing right and setting a positive example for our peers”. “What are your long term goals for the team?” Coach bruce had this to say, ”My long term goals are to continue to play till December, also to make it to  the playoffs and be able to win a game.” The football team has a very bright future ahead of them and Coach Bruce will be there along the way to help them through it all.