Hop on the Plane with us and join us in Switzerland and Austria!!!



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The Leadership Club at Wagner High School will be going to Switzerland and Austria in July 2019 for a global leadership summit. There are currently two more spots available for anyone interested in going. Though seniors will be considered for the adventure, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are preferred.

The tour itinerary includes:

Take a tour of Vienna
With the EF Tour Director you will see:
Vienna State Opera
Kärntner Strasse
St. Stephen’s Cathedral
With your expert local guide you will see:
Hofburg Palace
Visit Schönbrunn Palace
Enjoy Viennese waltz dancing
Participate in a cultural exchange activity with locals
Visit the Haus der Musik
Attend an evening concert
Participate in an activity centered around The Power of Communication
Visit Mozart’s birthplace
Take a Sound of Music tour of Salzburg
With the EF tour expert local guide you will see:
Scenes where The Sound of Music was filmed in 1964
Ride a funicular up to Hohensalzburg Castle
Explore Innsbruck on your own
In Davos enjoy a scenic cable car ride
Take part in the Leadership Conference’s opening ceremonies

And many more things!!!


If you want to learn more about the trip check out https://www.eftours.com/educational-tour/summit-communication-austria-switzerland?query=davos. If you have any questions regarding the trip or Wagner’s Leadership Club, please feel free to contact either Ms. Wood in room B222 or the President Tyla Chevrier.


About the Writer
Tyla Chevrier, Editor

Hello, my name is Tyla Chevrier. I am one of the editors of the newspaper.

I participate in Business Professionals of America, National Honor Society, the Leadership club, the National Society of High School Scholars, and Book Club. I am the president of both the Business Professionals of America and the Leadership club. Additionally, I am running for an ambassador position within NSHSS.

I am excited to be able report the successes of the clubs I am part of, but I definitely will not limit myself to them. I love writing about anything that affects the student body or teachers at Wagner High School.

I have not been part of Judson Independent School District for most of my academic lifetime, because I am from Germany. Since the beginning of my Freshman year, I’ve been part of JISD and I am extremely proud to be around so many amazing people at my school.

An interesting fact about me is that I am bilingual with my first language being German. Despite already knowing two languages, I am passionate to continue studying various languages such as Latin, French and Spanish. And that’s me!


9 Responses to “Hop on the Plane with us and join us in Switzerland and Austria!!!”

  1. Carmella Wallace on September 26th, 2018 4:37 pm

    Honestly i feel like this is a great way to spread leadership around the campus. It is a great opportunity to get involved and build friendships. The Wagner program all together is becoming more and more in touch with their students. I love the T-Bird pride!!!!

  2. Tamia Smallwood on September 26th, 2018 4:39 pm

    It sounds exciting to be able to see other people’s cultures. Mozart was an amazing composer, and it should be a great experience to see his birthplace. This sounds like a fun tour for the Leadership Club. I hope yall find two more spots.

  3. Talia Gardner on September 26th, 2018 4:41 pm

    This sounds like a fun activity and experience to be apart of. I love how this activity isn’t just a senior thing but even for lower classmen. The leadership club could get us into leadership early and prepare us for leadership later in life . This article is promoting something really positive for the Wagner student body community.

  4. Steven Saavedra on September 26th, 2018 7:21 pm

    Hey if your reading this I hope you have an excellent and good day. Anyways I was reading this and I saw and read about this trip and it seems pretty interesting. Out of all the places you guys could go to, y’all are choosing Switzerland and Austria and that’s pretty nice. Keep up the good work 🙂

  5. Chi'Nae Johnson on September 27th, 2018 9:27 pm

    Wagner is such a great school that gives out such great opportunities. I feel like this is just an amazing one. T-bird pride is so amazing and being able to spread i to other places is just great. We can gain and learn a lot from this.

  6. Chi'Nae Johnson on September 27th, 2018 9:54 pm

    Wagner has a lot of great opportunities and things for its students to pick . This trip just seems great. The t-bird pride that happens in these hallways is just awesome. If we could spread to other places that’ll just amazing. I love attending Wagner and everyone who work there.

  7. Elisua Rodriguez on September 27th, 2018 10:18 pm

    I am so jealous of the people that get to go! That honestly sounds like such a good experience to really see other cultures as well as learn some leadership skills. I definitely hope that when you guys go, y’all have fun!

  8. Elisua Rodriguez on September 27th, 2018 10:25 pm

    Wow, I am so jealous of the people that get to go! This sounds like such an amazing opportunity to go out and see the world and also learn some leadership skills. I definitely hope that the people that get to go have some fun!

  9. Alex Bouldin on September 27th, 2018 10:41 pm

    Thank you Tyla and Kayleigh, very cool!

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Hop on the Plane with us and join us in Switzerland and Austria!!!