Business Professionals of America are going to competition!!! Here are the competing categories!!!

Tyla Chevrier, Editor

The competing students this year are the following, with their corresponding categories they will be competing in:

  • Software Engineering Team: Ian Fernandes, Jessica Cavazos, Melissa Fusco
  • Computer Programming Concept- Open: Ian Fernandes
  • Prepared Speech: Tyla Chevrier
  • Small Business Management Team: Tyla Chevrier, Jacqueline Soto, Chyne Miller
  • Fundamental Accounting: Duaily Lopez Reyes
  • Visual Multimedia Promotion: Monica Ramirez, Mya Santos, Rachel Englebrecht
  • Graphic design promotion: Chyne Miller
  • Interview Skills: Jacqueline Soto
  • Promotional Photography: Jessica Cavazos
  • Business Meeting Concepts: Monica Ramirez
  • Medical Office Procedures: Mya Santos
  • System Administration using Cisco (315): Ian Fernandes
  • PC Servicing and Troubleshooting: Alejandro Perez
  • Project Management Concepts- Open: Alejandro Perez
  • Financial Math & Analysis Concepts – Open: Duaily Lopez Reyes
  • Computer security- Melissa Fusco