Business Professionals of America are going to competition!!! Here are the competing categories!!!

Tyla Chevrier, Editor

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The competing students this year are the following, with their corresponding categories they will be competing in:

  • Software Engineering Team: Ian Fernandes, Jessica Cavazos, Melissa Fusco
  • Computer Programming Concept- Open: Ian Fernandes
  • Prepared Speech: Tyla Chevrier
  • Small Business Management Team: Tyla Chevrier, Jacqueline Soto, Chyne Miller
  • Fundamental Accounting: Duaily Lopez Reyes
  • Visual Multimedia Promotion: Monica Ramirez, Mya Santos, Rachel Englebrecht
  • Graphic design promotion: Chyne Miller
  • Interview Skills: Jacqueline Soto
  • Promotional Photography: Jessica Cavazos
  • Business Meeting Concepts: Monica Ramirez
  • Medical Office Procedures: Mya Santos
  • System Administration using Cisco (315): Ian Fernandes
  • PC Servicing and Troubleshooting: Alejandro Perez
  • Project Management Concepts- Open: Alejandro Perez
  • Financial Math & Analysis Concepts – Open: Duaily Lopez Reyes
  • Computer security- Melissa Fusco