Six Flags Raffle Tickets

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Students, are you looking for chance to win some six flag tickets? You’re in luck! Wagner PTSO is offering multiple opportunities to win tickets for the current season. 2 pairs will be given to one class for perfect attendance. If you’ve had perfect attendance, thus far, keep it up for your chance to win big! Furthermore, 1 pair will be offered to first student who sign up for the blood drive and show up the day of the blood drive. Another pair will go to best grade improvement for the first nine weeks grading period. This means that  if you showcase improvement from the beginning of the nine weeks to the current day, you can be nominated by teachers within your classes to win the said pair. PTSO will be hosting this for the next couple of weeks so you have more than enough time. One pair will also be used to surprise one of our fellow classmates, who has contributed to our school through helping teachers and being a good student. So stay tuned for that surprise story! If you have anymore questions about the PTSO or the raffle tickets come visit them after school selling candy and drinks by the main office!