Smiles of Wagner: Ms McGill


Arianna Santos and Shaelynn Valdez

Where are you originally from?

 “Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas”

If you could give your highschool self advise , what would it be?

“ I would want to say is to be more financially sound,practice better with spending and saving habits, gotta start early”.

What advice would you give to your students?

“ Stay focused, practice good study habits and go to a two year college first instead of a university”.

What college did you go to?

“Texas A&M International University.”

What did you major in?

“Studio art and fitness and Sports”

Was college easy?

“ Its was easy academically, but for me I struggled more in time management because i played volleyball in college”.

Did you like college?  

“ I loved it, Especially because i was part of the volleyball team”.

Was it hard to balance Volleyball and School?

“Yes because at least once or twice a week in the season, and especially preseason.

At one point we were gone for three week for tournaments.”

What advice would you give to the athletes that ant to do sports and college?

“Go to study hall”