DeMarcus Hendricks

Shaelynn Valdez, Staff Writer

“How does it feel to be nominated for athlete of the week?”

“It feels great and i’ve never really experienced anything like this before”

“Who has motivated you to go this far?”

“My family and real close friends”

“Where do you see your football career in the future?”

“I see myself in the nfl if i keep working hard”

“Have any colleges contacted you?”

“Yes a couple, Texas State and Tulsa”

“If you could give your future self advise what would it be?”

“Don’t mess up and keep working hard”

“How will you achieve your goals that you’ve set for yourself?”

“By doing good in school and in football”

“Where are you originally from?”

“San Antonio”

“Are you satisfied with where your at in life right now?”

“Yes, i’m very satisfied”