Hoop here it is!

Hoop here it is!

Avion Anderson, Staff Writer

The Tbird Times had the incredible opportunity to interview Coach Clark. We asked him a few questions based on basketball and the upcoming season.These are some of the questions that we asked him;

”What does going from a 6A to 5A district mean from the basketball team.”

He responded, “It doesn’t really mean anything the competition is still the same,district might be a little easier but if we are lucky enough to make it to the playoffs it will be just the same as 6A.”

“How do you define success for Freshman, JV, and Varsity teams?”

He replied,”The way i define success for the teams is by them doing the right thing and doing what is asked of them. Also them executing what is told of them offensively and defensively. “

”What does basketball in the over image of the school?”

He stated,“I believe everyone has a lot of pride in the basketball team. We went to state a couple years ago and we did pretty good last year. I think it’s a big thing for the school and I think it is giving us a lot of positive recognition.”

”What are your long term goals for the team?”

Coach Clark responded,”Our long term goals are to win districts and make a run for the playoffs and hopefully make it to state championship game like we did a couple years before but this time win.”

Coach Clark will be leading the team to many victories this year and hopefully the state championship.