Diana Williams

The choir during the performance.

Jada Valdez, Staff Writer

The fall concert that took place on Wednesday, October 17th titled “The Song that Nature Sings”, displayed a variety of talent in our choir program. Each performance had their own personality and highlights. From the dazzling group performances to the heartwarming solos, the audience never ceased to be amazed. The list of performances follows:


The Song that Nature Sings ———-Schram

(Wagner School Combined Choir)

Song of the River———-Patterson

Rise, Rise Thou Merry Lark———Schram


(6th Period Beginning Women)

She’s Like the Swallow———Strommen

Latrell Burton Kantari

The Water is Wide———-Althouse

Julia Ly Kantari

Come Sail Away With Me———-Patterson

She is Evening———–Parker/Courtney


(3rd Period Men’s Choir)

Sure on the Shining Night———-Niles

Rebecca Wilgen Kantari

To the Sky———Strommen

Jazz Kemp Kantari

Sweetly The Swan Sings———-Anonymous

Prettier Far Than These————Beery

Bella Voce

(4th Period Women’s Choir)

Ave Maria———-Hines

Lafilili Fa’afiti and Leo Peery Kantari

For the Beauty of the Earth———-Schram

Rain Music———–Johnson

Kantari, 5th Period Varsity Mixed

Alma Mater———-Anonymous

Kantari and WHS Choir Alumni



An all girls performance.
A combined performance of boys and girls.