Striving For Goals

Amani Smith, Staff Writer

Journalism received the chance to sit down and interview Coach Troncoso, the head coach of boys soccer. This is what he had to say about the change this year:

”What does going from a 6A to 5A mean for you and soccer?”

He replied,“It does not matter what division we are placed in. Every soccer team trains hard to compete. The Wagner soccer will train hard as well to be in the best position to compete.”

Coach Troncoso feels that nothing has changed about the team, they are still going to compete at a higher level.

“How do you define success for freshman, JV , Varsity team?”

He responded, “ Success is when you reach a goal you previously set for yourself. Players have individuals goal they try to reach every year to improve themselves. As a team, we set new targets ever year to strive for a common goal.”

“What does soccer play in the overall image of the school?” Soccer Athletes exemplify excellence in academics and school environment. Soccer athletes represent Wagner High school in a positive way around the community.”

“What are your long term goals for the team?”

“He said “my long term goals for the soccer team is for athletes to learn values of responsibility, decision making, sportsmanship, competition, and for them to learn how to work as a team.”

Coach Troncoso is very excited for the soccer season. He will be there for his team and lead them in their division.