Coach Wood and our new Swim Team!

Coach Wood with her swimmers.

Coach Wood with her swimmers.

Julianna Rivas and Editor: Tyla Chevrier

Of all the years our beloved school Wagner has been running, this year it’ll start swimming! The swim team is all about diving into the passion of competitive sports! And our coach, Coach Wood, plans on guiding her team the entire way.

Usually, people think that they aren’t qualified for the huge task of high stamina, strength, and endurance that are needed for the swim team. But I’m here to tell you that it’s perfectly fine if you’re not perfect in doggy paddling abilities. In fact your coach and fellow teammates will help you with all that they can! Even if you might be new to competitive swimming, so were a lot of  your teammates and other professional swimmers when they first tried out swim team!

Additionally if you think that all you do is mindlessly back and forth, you are wrong. Coach Wood says, “We play games like sharks and minnows, or Race cars! That’s when the students will grab a kickboard and race one another. I’m also very aware that they like to make the sound effects as they go.” So sometimes, it can be all fun and games if your willing to enjoy it.

Swim team accepts grades from 9th to 12th! So it’s okay from a freshman, sophomore, junior, and seniors to apply for Wagner’s swim team! The tournaments and competitions are as exciting as our football games!

So don’t be shy if the waters too cold, jump in and get to swimming! Because swim team isn’t all about stamina, endurance, and strength. It’s about building your passion for swimming! Everything else you’ll pick up  when you spend a little time in the water.


The pool, where our T-Bird swimmers train.