Have you picked up your VIP lunch passes yet?

Tyla Chevrier, Editor

Did you hear the announcement yesterday during 4th period about the new VIP lunch passes?

Well, if you did not hear is some information you have to know.

If you had all A’s on your last 9 weeks report card you were able to secure yourself a new VIP lunch pass during lunch yesterday. All you needed was a form of identification.

But the question is: What is the VIP lunch pass and what does it do?

So let me explain. The new VIP lunch pass allows you to skip ahead of the long lines starting October 31st until December 20th. It is a simple piece of paper which has your name and ID number on its back and says *A Honor Roll* plus how long it is valuable and what it allows you to do.

Administration would like to have feedback on if you think this is a good way to honor students who do well in school. And if this would this motivate you to do better in school.