Mr. Arce

Shaelynn Valdez, Staff Writer

Where are you originally from?

“I’m a military brat, so i was born in Fort Sill, Oklahoma then I lived for four years in Shape Belgium. And then lived the rest of my life in Maryland and here in San Antonio.”

What college did you attend?

“I started at St.Phillips college and got my associates. I went to UTSA and got my bachelors and got my masters Our Lady of the Lake.”

What did you get your degrees in ?

“My bachelors was in education and my masters was in integrated math and curriculum.”

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t take high school as a joke, now that i look back i wish i could redo my high school years because i was just an average student that didn’t really participate much or applied myself much and when i look back to the work i did then compared to what i did in college i had so many missed opportunities that i could have taken to get my grades up or things i could have done to get scholarships that i didn’t take advantage of.”

Do you have any advice for the students that are trying to go into the military?

“Make sure that your heart is in it, and you aren’t doing it for any other reason other than that you truly want to do. There’s a lot of benefits that come with joining the military but if your heart’s not in it then it’s just not worth it and that goes the same with any career path you chose.”

Are you satisfied with the path you took with your career ?

“I am, not going to lie at the end of the day everyone does want more money but you don’t go into education thinking your going to make a lot of money. But I love what I do I love working with children and I’m fortunate that I had the opportunity to teach at Metzger Middle School, just because over the last 3 years I’ve had the privilege of working and getting to see my old students grow and graduate.”