Order on the Court:Interview with coach Hastings

Amani Smith and Avion Anderson, Staff Writers

Journalism had the chance to interview coach Hastings about basketball and their upcoming season,and here are a few of the questions we asked her:

“What does going from a 6A to 5A district mean for you and basketball?”

”I dont think its a difference,I think competition level is about the same.”

“How do you define success for freshman,JV and varsity teams?”

 “Success for our program for me would be for the girls to be disciplined and for them to pass all of their classes and the girls getting out there and competing.”

“What do you think basketball  plays in the overall image of the school ?”

“I think sports in general brings a positive feel to the campus as a whole.”

“What are your long term goals for the team?”

“My long  term goals are  to eventually make to state and be state champions and to establish a strong and consistent program.”