Staff: Amani Smith
Hey my name is Amani, i’m 16 years old and i’m a 10 grader at Wagner High School. My time at wagner has been good I made lots of friends and meet lots of good teachers that I grow to love. My 9 grade year was kind of okay but i’m happy to starting a new school year so I can be better this year. I’m a very shy person and quit I won’t talk into you speak to me but when you get to know me I will be very loud sometimes. However i am also very goofy I love to make people laugh and feel good that brings me joy. On the other hand people always tell me that I look mad or like a mean person but i’m a very nice person I think that i’m very easy to talk to at the same time i am a very good listener. Finally i’m a very chill person to hang out with.                

Amani Smith, Staff

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