Staff: Juliana Rivas
To whom is reading,


I’m writing this in letter platform because I don’t really want to write it in singular paragraph form. It seemed pointless on my perspective. But enough with my complaining! You’re here to read about me and an introduction to myself.


I’m nothing too mind blowing, I just have talent in the arts and some sciences. My hobbies consist of drawing, writing, reading, listening to music, and sleeping. I prefer sweets over a lot of other foods except the burritos from La Popular( I’m pretty sure that God was in the kitchen with them when they were making that burrito). I love the song ‘Careless Whisper’ and am listening to it right now! It’s not what I thought it was after the saxophone solo.


Anyways, I’ve gone over 8 sentences, so I’ll be ending my intro here. Have a nice life~


Juliana Rivas  

Juliana Rivas, Staff

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