Assistant Editor: Seth Custodio
Greetings,Thunderbirds and Wagner Staff! My name is Seth Custodio and I’m assistant editor for our paper. I’ve been writing for a while now. Typically analytical pieces and scripts but in hopes to vary my skill, I’ve decided to take part in writing for our school paper. Most of my work will most likely come from the Art Department in terms of stories seeing that I’m not only a part of our school’s theatre department but I’m also apart of men’s choir as well. However, I plan to hopefully venture outside of that as well. So my contributions in stories will be coming from our school choir department,theatre department, and more. My fellow classmates and editors are Tyla and Kayleigh and my boss and teacher for journalism is Mrs.Scaramozi so if you have any questions about anything regarding our paper and i don’t have answer (I should for most things) please talk to them. Thank you for reading!

Seth Custodio, Assistant Editor

Oct 05, 2018
Six Flags Raffle Tickets (Story)
Sep 11, 2018
Wagner Theatre in the 2018/2019 School Year (Story)