• October 3Veterans @ Wagner H.S Friday, November 1ST @ 7:30 p.m. Rutledge Stadium
  • September 23Wagner H.S. @ Edison H.S. Friday, September 27 @ 7:30 p.m.
Eliannah Zavala
Salutations, my name is Eliannah Zavala. I’m a double sided hippie at Karen Wagner High School. I'm currently 17, and a senior. By double sided I mean an activist and a spread the love kind of girl. I also consider myself a fighter, because I've always stood my ground, especially when I've been the only girl in wrestling since 9th grade. I spread love by creating my own hippie club to better people in our society to better our community. I'm going to be a Veterinarian in the future, because animals are so helpless and vulnerable when they're hurt.

Eliannah Zavala, Photojournalist

Oct 29, 2019
Salute This! (Story)
Eliannah Zavala